Anatomy in Motion

Anatomy in Motion

The first 3 days of this 6 day course and is designed to deliver the complete Flow Motion Model™. This model brings the “WHAT” to life. BUT FIRST we MUST go over the three dimensional anatomical motion of each joint in the body in-order to follow its journey through seven phases of walking gait (five grounded phases and two swing phases). For some of you this is revision, for some this is new learning, for ALL this is the foundations of learning more about 3 dimensional movement of the human body through space.You will be invited to explore these motions and experience the interconnections yourself through guided workshops and challenged to map the model out yourself. This workshop takes your existing anatomical knowledge and begins to apply it to the first three “Big Rules of Motion”:

Rule 1: “Muscles lengthen Before they contract” - Looking at the role of eccentric muscle loading in the gait cycle and motion as well as completing our appreciation of a muscle’s role in motion.

Rule 2: “Joints Act, Muscles React” - Looking at how skeletal motion in gait triggers a reaction in the muscular system to manage and coordinate the motion. Hence the value of observing joint motion through the Flow Motion Model.

Rule 3: “Everything Orbits around Centre” - Looking at how we are constantly managing our CoM … no matter where it is moving… or resting :)

We want to bring attention to the idea that all anatomical “dysfunctions” are not necessarily problems and are, interestingly observable in the human gait cycle… Could it be possible that the primary issue is that these “dysfunctions” are no longer (for whatever reason) able to return to and pass through centre so as to experience their opposite motion? "Balance" is achieved when a joint can equally access both ranges within a plane of motion and in all three dimensions. So they may be problematic, but not necessarily a problem.

The Flow Motion Model® map is an insight into human motion Like any map, it helps you work out where you are, where you are not and helps you plot a route to where you want to be. We use this map to navigate the blockages and appreciate how the whole body is doing what it is doing and why it may be feeling the way it is feeling… Regardless of your modality of working with the human body, the map is able to guide you and help you to reintegrate motion back into the whole body.

We consider it a toolbox, inside of which you can place all of your anatomical learnings and tools. The map guides you to what needs to be addressed and you choose the appropriate tool.

The last 3 days of this 6 day course is where we bring the Flow Motion Model to life with the thought process and the philosophy… The “HOW” and the “WHY”...

Here we venture into the last two “Big Rules of Motion”:

Rule 4: “Perceived centre dictates movement, posture, pain and potential” - What we think we are doing and what we are doing can be two different things… Imagine you don’t even know the things you are avoiding in your own body?

Rule 5: “Perfection is hardwired and pre-installed” - There is nothing that can be added to it or taken away from it. The body can only be re-organised in such a way that the human brain, determining it more efficient and conserving of energy, abandons the old you and moves forward with the new...


01-02-2018 - 06-02-2018
Chassé Dance Studios, Chasséstraat 64, 1057 JJ Amsterdam