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MAT COURSES – Functional Assessment, Treatment + Training Courses

Mission of the Functional Movement Group

To integrate the intelligence and latest evidence of the health care and strength and conditioning worlds and provide this to professionals in the form of interactive education courses and innovative assessment and rehabilitation products.

The Functional Movement Group and The MAT is the brainchild of Andrew Lemon and Stephen King, which provides professionals in the health and fitness industries with a one stop resource for functional thinking and products. This has lead to them reaching over 1000 health and movement professionals from 22 countries all around the world who have completed their education courses and are utilising their MAT in their practices. The MAT is currently being integrated in research projects in 10 Universities worldwide and being used in elite sporting environments such the NFL, NHL, EPL NRL, AFL, ERU, ARU and on the men’s and women’s ATP and PGA tours.

The Functional Movement Group’s passion for having a better understanding of how the human body works has inspired and driven them to research and teach the most contemporary ideas and evidence from around the world. The result is a strategic approach to assessment, treatment and exercise prescription that allows you to focus on developing a management plan based on each person’s unique pain experience, movement and performance needs.

If you are a health care or movement professional who wants to raise the bar of your practice then our interactive teaching courses are the key to allow you to help more patients and clients move and perform better without pain.

MAT Functional Assessment Course

MAT Functional Assessment Course

The MAT Functional Assessment Course bridges the gap between traditional orthopaedic assessments and functional movements that are performed by your patients during their daily activities. This course covers the latest evidence based functional movement strategies and assessments on the MAT (Movement Assessment Tool) to help you set movement baselines, calculate injury risk and track treatment progression over time to help you improve your practice and clinical decision making skills.

You will learn:

  • 10+ MAT assessments for the lower limb, spine and upper limb that will help you improve your patient assessment forever starting the very next day.
  • How The MAT will provide you a massive POINT OF DIFFERENCE from other therapists and trainers, showing your patients that you are a cutting edge, evidence-based practitioner.
  • How to use the MAT to SET BASELINE MEASUREMENTS to track progression of your patients over time to help ensure that they reach their goals.
  • The LATEST EVIDENCE around movement assessment + rehabilitation.
  • How The MAT can help you take the guess work out of determining when your patients or athletes can have the best chance of RETURNING TO SPORT safely.
  • How using the MAT can help you INCREASE BUY IN to your management plan, improving your patient’s outcome and INCREASING YOUR REBOOKINGS + REVENUE.
  • How The MAT can help you determine whether your treatment or management plan is effective for your individual patient.
  • How to MEASURE all 3-DIMENSIONS of any movement in a way you have never been able to before and revitalise your practice.

MAT Functional Treatment & Training Course

The MAT Functional Treatment + Training Course course is the ultimate game changer for health and movement professionals. We will help you integrate the latest knowledge from movement, neuroscience and pain science fields to fill gaps in rehabilitation education as taught by higher institutions.

For too long health and movement professionals have looked at body parts in isolation without considering how we integrate as a whole in movement. In this course, we will show you how to break any task down into the 8 fundamental movements we all perform daily whilst providing you with principles, strategies and an evidence based template to create movement capacity (strength, stamina etc), movement competency (skill) and movement variability (different angles, heights, distances, loads, speed etc) to rehabilitate your patients and clients and bridge the gap between injury and performance.

You will learn:

  • Learn a new Treatment + Training paradigm to help you take patients and clients from pain and DYSFUNCTION TO PERFORMANCE.
  • How to use the latest PAIN SCIENCE research to help you manage those difficult patients more effectively.
  • To build Movement CAPACITY (eg: strength, power, endurance) Movement COMPETENCY (skill & efficiency) Movement VARIABILITY and VARIETY (different angles, speeds, loads) and Movement CONFIDENCE in your patients and clients to ensure they are able to complete their individual needs, wants and goals.
  • Create expert rehabilitation plans using the 8 key fundamental movements (walking/running, squatting, lunging, reaching, lifting, jumping pushing and pulling) so you can individually tailor your rehab plans to your patients and clients. No more generic exercises. No more 3×10 exercise prescription.
  • Learn how to manipulate any movement with 10 key movement variables such as (load, speed, position, distance etc) to create 1000’s of new exercises to expand your exercise library and decrease boredom with your exercise prescription.
  • How to use the 10 principles of NEUROPLASTICITY to create meaningful changes in your patient’s and client’s rehab plans to help make these changes more permanent.

Why do our Functional Assessment, Treatment + Training Courses?

  • To learn how to incorporate the latest thinking in PAIN and NEUROSCIENCE into your assessment and get better outcomes with patients or clients in pain.
  • To DEVELOP MORE CONFIDENCE in determining when your patient or athlete has a potential risk of injury and when they can return to work or sport safely.
  • To learn how to use the MAT to help you set meaningful SMART goal driven rehabilitation programs to INCREASE PATIENT SATISFACTION and IMPROVE PATIENT AND CLIENT OUTCOMES.
  • To help you INCREASE BUY-IN and ADHERENCE to your home exercise and rehabilitation plans, which plays a major factor in a successful long-term outcome.

This course is suitable for:

  • Health + Fitness professionals such as:
    • Physiotherapists
    • Chiropractors
    • Podiatrists
    • Osteopaths
    • Myotherapists
    • Sports Therapists
    • Remedial Massage Therapists
    • Exercise physiologists
    • Personal Trainer
    • Athletic Trainers

Duration: 14 Hours of high quality practical CPD that you can incorporate into your practice the very next day!

MAT Functional Assessment

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