Dr. Andy Barr

dr andy barr

Injury. As a sports person it can seem inevitable. It’s also one of the most common fears for the pro-athlete.

For me, it was a reality. And it cut short my career as a professional soccer player. It also sparked a new purpose.

I work to help elite performers to avoid pain and injury and fulfil their career potential.

I’m a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Strength Coach. My expertise in high performance focuses on movement analysis to help identify sports-specific risk, avoid injury, enhance performance and add those all-important years to a career.

I channel that sporting ‘will to win’ from my soccer days into problem solving - I look beyond the injury or performance problem and focus on the cause. I’m proud of my proven record for injury rate reduction and performance enhancement.

The right care supports and protects an athlete’s biggest assets: their body and wellbeing.

My treatment approach is holistic, taking into account all factors in creating an individualized plan to help individuals fulfil their performance goals - nutrition, sleep, stress management, lifestyle, as well as rehabilitation and performance advice.

My 20 years experience in the English Football League, The NBA, US Major League Soccer and working with players in the PGA and Olympics, means I have established relationships with many medical and performance staff. I offer pro-level care off-season and can communicate with teams to give a seamless transition into a new season.

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