Meredith Stephens

Meredith Stephens

Meredith Stephens, MS, PT, LMT, BCSI holds a BS in exercise physiology, an MS in physical therapy, is an LMT and board certified structural integrator. She is currently pursuing a Doctor of physical therapy degree at Northeastern University. Meredith has over 20 years in the health and fitness industry as a fitness, pilates and yoga instructor, personal trainer and outpatient physical therapist.
She focuses her current practice on healthy aging. When working with clients and patients, Meredith employs a unique combination of traditional physical therapy with fascial training, pilates and structural integration techniques.

She began her Anatomy Trains studies in 2009 and became an ATSI practitioner in 2011. The ATSI training gave her the tools to treat patients and train clients holistically with greater efficiency and longer lasting results. It inspired her to continue learning about fascia, neurology and how the body moves and functions. She brings this passion to her teaching.

“I like to take complex concepts and make them accessible and create a fun learning environment that fosters inquiry. I love the ‘light bulb’ moments, when students connect the dots from what we are doing to how it can be applied in their practice. My role is to educate and inspire students to want to learn more about the workings of the human body, the Anatomy Trains, fascia, tensegrity and how they can affect positive change in their clients.”

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