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Courses for professional physiotherapist who dare to think different.

Incitus offers unique physiotherapy courses, Think Tanks, lectures and congresses for professional physiotherapists who want to distinguish themself from the rest and who dare to think different. Our teachers are nationally and internationally recognized and belong to the absolute top of their field. Stay Curious | Keep Exploring

Upcoming Courses for Therapists

FOI Module 1

The basic training for the FOI includes the examination and treatment of the musculoskeletal system from a holistic approach. But it is quite different in theory and practice compared to conventional manual therapeutic and osteopathic concepts.

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Anatomy Trains in Structure & Function

In a 3-day course, learn about the myofascial tissue and its role in the body, see it in context and how it is interdependent with the other body systems.

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Neurokinetic Therapy Level 1

Assessing your patient according to the NKT protocol will guide you in your assessment and treatment so that you can find out which dysfunctions are important to treat and your treatment becomes more specific. It is also a great tool for reassessment.

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Why Incitus?

✔ Accredited Courses

✔ Internationally Recognized Experts

✔ Exclusive Online Learning Platform

✔ Vibrant International Locations

✔ Professional Community

✔ Stimulating Environment

✔ Personal Learning Experience

Upcoming Courses for Trainers

DNS Basic Course A

Neurophysiology, neuroanatomy, muscle physiology and kinesiology come together in this new course.

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Anatomy in Motion

The "Finding Centre" Course is a 6-day program designed to investigate how joints work together in an integrated way: not just in theory, also in practice, to become aware of how even small changes can make dramatic differences in the body as a whole.

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Anatomy Trains in Training

Tap into the myofasciae and boost your results!

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What People Are Saying:

"It changes the whole vision of the way you look at the body/patient."

"I enjoyed the journey of this course! Some new knowledge and Experiences supporting trust in this work - my work of Embodied anatomy. Thank You! And please keep spreading this work and the value of it."

"My missing link in understanding human anatomy"

"Very practical stuff which you can work with the next day with your clients. Very nice because it gives a lot of power back to the client."

"Fantastic workshop, full hands on, new vision of the human body and new option to heal it, I will go back again"

Upcoming Lectures

Evening lecture with Dr. Adam Weir: Groin Pain in Athletes

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Evening Lecture with PhD Nicol van Dyk

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Evening Lecture with PhD Eyal Lederman: The Physiological Basis of Manual Therapy, Theory to Practice

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Upcoming Think Tanks

Groin Pain in Athletes - Combating Stigma

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The Complexity Of Bees, Bicycles And Preventing Sports Injuries

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The Myth of Core Stability

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