Courses for the professional who dares to think different

Incitus offers unique courses, Think Tanks, lectures and congresses for professionals who want to distinguish themself from the rest and who dares to think differently. Our teachers are nationally and internationally recognized and belong to the absolute top of their field. Take a look here for an overview of our courses. Stay curious, keep exploring.

Upcoming Courses for Therapists

Walking the Lines

Walking is one of the most common daily functions but one of the least understood biomechanically. In order to understand anatomy the therapist must first understand function.

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BodyReading Master Class with Tom Myers

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ATSI: Advanced work for the Pelvis, Hip, and Low Back with Tom Myers

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What is Incitus

Incitus was founded in 2008 as a result of a deep passion for the human body, education, and sharing knowledge. The red thread through all our courses is that they all look at the human body as whole system, not bits and parts. With this as our guiding vision, we organize courses, workshops, master classes, lectures and congresses with renowned international teachers who are at the top of their field.

We are always looking for the newest, most inovative concepts who share our vision on how we als professionals can best help our clients, to give you the most recent knowledge.

Our courses are unique and offered with a personal touch which makes you feel at ease, and the material is brought in an interactive way with humor and warmth. Based on a holistic thought process, the focus lies on finding the source of the complaint, not just fixing the symptoms

We believe you should experience the material to really understand it, so there is ample time to practice and bring it to life in your practice directly after completion of the course!

Upcoming Courses for Trainers

DNS Exercise Course for Health Care & Exercise Professionals Part 1

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Anatomy Trains in Motion

While traditional anatomy is static, Anatomy Trains is dynamic and interconnected. Thomas Myers’ Anatomy Trains concept moves beyond mechanical ‘cause and effect’ actions of muscles to integrative relational connections.

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MAT Movement Assessment Technologies

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Upcoming Lectures

Evening Lecture with Prof. Dr. Hannu Luomajoki:New Insights to LBP: Movement Control and Body Awareness

Through changes in sensory cortex of the brain people with Chronic pain do not acknowledge their affected body part well enough and seem to lose their body awareness.

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Evening Lecture with James Earls: Myofascial Continuities, Separating Fact from Fiction

In this short introduction we will explore some of the latest thinking about myofascial continuities and their contributions to everyday movement, especially during gait.

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Evening Lecture with PhD Tron Krosshaug: Are you sure you are prescribing optimal exercises for your client?

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Upcoming Think Tanks

Think Tank with Prof. Dr. Hannu Luomajoki: Low Back Pain - Subgrouping, Best Tests and Treatments

Subgrouping of Low Back Pain and the Role of Movement Control Impairment

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Think Tank with PhD Tron Krosshaug: What are the causes for non-contact ACL injury?

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Think Tank with PhD Grethe Myklebust: Prevention of acute knee injuries – How to do it!

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"De holistische aanpak in de fysiotherapie heeft grote impact op de fysiotherapeuten tijdens de cursus, en in de praktijk dus ook op de cliënten. Het oplossen van de oorzaak in plaats van gevolg bij een lichamelijke pijnklacht, biedt oplossingen voor de lange termijn. Dat is een eye-opener. De methoden die tijdens de cursussen geleerd worden, veranderen therapeuten in game changers.

Wij willen een community van innovatieve en anders denkende therapeuten creëren die de holistische denkwijze verspreiden in hun omgeving en daardoor uiteindelijk de denkwijze in de gezondheidszorg veranderen”.

Benoit Knutsen, Physical therapist/Manual therapist/Entrepreneur, Incitus