New Insights to LBP: Movement Control and Body Awareness

With Prof. Dr. Hannu Luomajoki

Evening Lecture with Prof. Dr. Hannu Luomajoki: New insights into low back pain, movement control and body awareness

Low back pain (LBP) is the most expensive problem in our healthcare system. Medical approaches tends to fail as up to 90% of all Low Back Pain (LBP) in non-specific - meaning there is no clear medical reason for the symptoms. Furthermore, the majority of people without pain still have findings in X-rays or in MRI. Therefore, even discogenic findings, for example, are considered non-specific. At the same time, LBP is the most costly problem for us as medical professionals. How should we be examining and treating these patients? Instead of only a structural examination, these patients should be classified functionally. Through Dr. Hannu Luomajoki's work, a system of subgrouping LBP has been introduced. One important subgroup in this system is the movement control impairment subgroup. Dr. Hannu Luomajoki's extensive work in this subject area will be presented in this lecture.

About the Speaker

Dr. Hannu Luomajoki is the head of Masters Programme for Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy at Zurich University of Applied Sciences with research areas in low back pain, movement control, pain mechanisms and clinical physiotherapy. He obtained his PhD in this subject in 2010.


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