Evening Lecture with PhD Robert Schleip: Fascinating Fascia

The re-discovery of the fibrous connective tissue network in the human body and its importance for health and optimal functioning

Evening Lecture with PhD Robert Schleip: Fascinating Fascia

Medical doctors used to consider it mainly as a packing organ and cleaned it carefully away in anatomical dissections. Recent advances in measurement technology triggered an avalanche of scientific investigations and discoveries related to muscular connective tissues (fasciae). These suggest that the various fibrous collagenous tissue components - such as joint capsules, tendons, ligaments, muscular envelopes, etc. - constitute a body-wide tensional network system, which plays major roles in force transmission and also provides our richest sensory organ. Endowed with myriads of nerve endings, it forms an important source for musculoskeletal pain and also influences our coordinative body perception in posture and movement.

About the Speaker

Dr. Robert Schleip has been a pioneer in the newly emerging field of fascia research. Together with international colleagues he remains at the forefront of new discoveries and questions related to a better understanding and also better treatment of our fascial network. In this informative and entertaining lecture, which is directed to both lay persons and health professionals alike, he will report about the most recent discoveries in his field. In addition he will discuss various fascia oriented health practices such as yoga, sports, manual therapies, foam roller treatments, surgery and various stretching methods. Dr. Robert Schleip is director of the Fascia Research Group at the University of Ulm/Germany and also Research Director of the European Rolfing Association. He is co-initiator of the successful Fascia Research Congress series and author of numerous publications related to fascia. His own research on active fascial contractility was honored with the Vladimir Janda Award for Musculoskeletal Medicine in 2006.


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