Anatomy in Motion (AiM)


The AiM Philosophy is centered around the idea that we need to stop chasing pain. The site of pain is rarely the location of the underlying problem. Instead, we need to examine the body as a whole – the way we move, posture and lifestyle. We will use the Flow Motion Model™ to help us navigate "through" the Human Body through assessment, interpretation and application. Using the model to create a spectrum in our thinking, we set about re-establishing a long lost way of interacting with the body and, thus, ourselves in order to start this journey back to "The Finding Centre."

The concepts of Anatomy in Motion (AiM)

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The courses of Anatomy in Motion

Anatomy in Motion

The "Finding Centre" Course is a 6-day program designed to investigate how joints work together in an integrated way: not just in theory, also in practice, to become aware of how even small changes can make dramatic differences in the body as a whole.

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Course concept description: Anatomy in Motion

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