By Gary Ward author of What the Foot

Anatomy in Motion The Lower Body

The Lower Limb

AiM are bringing back some of the original workshops that Gary used to teach. To start with, they are offering a 2 day workshop on the lower limb (to begin with). This workshop was fondly known as "chaos day" (Gary described in What The Foot? that C.H.A.O.S stands for "coins have another Side"). You will spend the 2 days developing the process of looking at the muscles in 3D and developing a thought process of how to eccentrically load them by following the skeleton's motion.

From here you will begin developing a thought process around how to build that into a movement that begins to bring in The Big 5 Rules.

1. Muscles Lengthen Before They Contract

2. Joints ACT: Muscles REACT

3. Everything orbits around Centre

4. Perceived Centre Dictates Pain, Performance and Potential

5. Perfection is Hard-Wired and Pre-Installed

This workshop is a mixture of Theory and Experience. We are then going to put the theory up against the experience and see where it takes us.

Take home message

At the end of the 2 days, we want you to leave with:

  • The experience of how to observe and the Muscles of the lower limb in 3D and interpret what you are observing, so that you can continue on your own and even build on the thought process.

  • How to influence these muscles using bone and joint motion to see how they react and the role they may have in human movement.

  • A thought process around developing this into a multiple joint movement with the BIG 5 RULES in that you can start to think about this on your own.

In the near future we will introduce a further 2 day workshop on the torso and upper limb that follows the same format.


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