Anatomy in Motion

Anatomy in Motion


The "Finding Centre" Course is a 6-day program designed to investigate how joints work together in an integrated way: not just in theory, also in practice (lots of practice) to become aware of how even small changes can make dramatic differences in the body as a whole. This concept is the brainchild of renowned Sports Therapist Gary Ward, author of “What The Foot.” With this insight, we then begin to delve (both theoretically and practically) into the journey undertaken by ALL joints during the gait cycle, as the body rocks and rolls from heel to toe and from left foot to right foot.

What the Foot

You will be accompanied by returning learners who have already completed the program. If you would like to know WHAT Gary does, as well as the philosophy which underpins the AiM courses, this information is easily accessible in his book “What The Foot.”


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