Anatomy in Motion

The Flow Motion Model - Gait workshop

Anatomy in Motion

Introducing the first of the new 4 day Flow Motion Model workshop which is a workshop focused on the study of the Flow Motion Model. 4 days of pure gait! Just Gait! This workshop is to give you a chance to learn more about the Flow Motion Model using experiential learning to work with the theory and to start to develop an appreciation as to why Gait can be so useful to gather information about what a body is and isn't able to access when in motion. With this, you can then start to develop a thought process and some ideas about what a person is experiencing and why they may be experiencing it from the global context of walking gait. This is a workshop about Gait and is very much focused on developing your understanding of it. You do not need to attend the 2 day workshops to attend the 4 day workshop, but we do know that it would be both interesting and useful if were to spend time on each of them.

At the end of the 4 days, we want you to leave with:

  • A much better idea of what the flow motion model is - In detail from heel strike to heel strike and a much deeper appreciation of the complexities of walking gait in 3 dimensions.

  • A deeper understanding and appreciation of the role/influence of the feet through the entire cycle.

  • Being able to look for specific stages in the gait cycle when analyzing it to compare left to right and to compare against the model so that you can start to focus in on your area's of interest and be able to contextualize these areas.

  • Be able to take your new learning and help a body experience what is missing (with a supporting thought process) with the 5 exercises and reassess to look for what has happened, what has changed and what has remained the same, so that you can see what the next step is.

What the Foot

If you would like to know WHAT Gary does, as well as the philosophy which underpins the AiM courses, this information is easily accessible in his book “What The Foot.”


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