Anatomy Trains in Training

Anatomy Trains in Training


The Anatomy Trains concept is based on the works of Thomas Myers. Through extensive research and dissections, a new manner of anatomically mapping the body was created. The Anatomy Trains, otherwise known as myofascial meridians or continuities, have been outlined as 12 simple geometric lines along myofascial tissues of the same fiber direction and depth. Traditional, dissected views of human anatomy are outdated. Over the past decade, the Anatomy Trains concepts and courses have taken the world by storm as professionals are drawn to a more holistic, functional, and current approach.

Course Description

This course is unique in that we will utilize the myofascial continuities as lines of loading and force as opposed to solely lines of communication in the body. By understanding how the joints direct forces into our myofascial net, you will gain new and exciting tools to build and progress individualised exercises that are appropriate to any client’s body.

Out with the old – Traditionally, our exercises for rehabilitation, fitness and musculoskeletal conditioning have concentrated on muscles and on maximum load strategies – lifting – which we only need occasionally.

In with the new – Now is the time for new principles that appreciate the myofascial connective tissues for a modern-day understanding of movement and exercise. Anatomy Trains in Training uses recoil exercises and their progression to load our neuro-myofascial web in a 4-D fashion.


  • Understand basic properties and connected nature of fascia, and tensegrity applied to fascia and human movement.
  • Be able to identify and trace the 6 major and 6 supplemental fascial meridians along which movement, tension, and postural distortion travel
  • Be able to BodyRead™ postural patterns based on analysis of Anatomy Trains lines
  • Learn how to prevent injuries and maximize performance with balanced movement that includes our most important way of moving – recoiling, not just lifting.
  • Learn how to optimize recovery, stress management and nutrition in training, in recovery and to support the healing process.
  • Learn how to release and open neuromyofascial networks to create balance.
  • Learn how to progress exercise programming in safe and effective manner.
  • Create dynamic support and control, power and strength for balanced movement.


10-09-2021( 3 days )
day 1: 09.00 - 17.30 (10-09-2021)
day 2: 09.00 - 17.30 (11-09-2021)
day 3: 09.00 - 17.30 (12-09-2021)
€ 745,- pp
Campinglaan 2, 9000 Gent, Belgium
Language::  English

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