Anatomy Trains Structural Essentials Dissection Series

with Anatomy Inside

Anatomy Trains Structural Essentials Dissection Series with Anatomy Inside

Anatomy Inside is a group of anatomists who are passionate about the importance of dissection in anatomical teaching and to deliver a once in a lifetime learning opportunity. Anatomy Inside collaborates with the Department of Medical Biology, Section Clinical Anatomy & Embryology of the University of Amsterdam.

Anatomy Inside understands that for centuries dissection has been the gold standard for learning and teaching human anatomy; therefore we teach human anatomy by letting you dissect, guided by trained anatomists and supplemented with small group teaching; all delivered in state of the art prosectorium facilities.

Unfortunately during the past decades the use of human dissection has gradually declined in both medical and paramedical (physiotherapy, nursing etc) training. We believe that clinically relevant and profound knowledge of human anatomy is indispensable for medics and paramedics. It is well known that dissection and cadaveric anatomy training is the best way of learning and understanding anatomy.

Incitus, Anatomy Trains and Anatomy Inside are now joining forces for the first time to bring you a series of Dissection courses specifically designed to to support you in understanding anatomy and Anatomy Trains.

During 6 one day courses we will explore the bony stations and myofascial tracks which together form the "Anatomy Trains". Each 1 day course will zoom in on a specific area and we will explore the anatomy of that area through dissection. The groups will be kept small for maximal learning experience.

Arches and Legs Dissection

In the Arches and Legs dissection course we will start unravelling the world of anatomy and look at what is under the surface. We will have a look at the structures making up the Anatomy Trains Lines as they meet and merge in the lower extremities.

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Fans of the Hip Dissection

In the Fans of the Hip dissection course we will cover the anatomy around the pelvis and up to the 12th rib. As we go from superficial to deep we will explore how the lines intersect and connect, we will identify the bony landmarks, the myofascial structures and connective tissue.

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Abdomen, Breath, and Chest Dissection

In the third dissection course our focus will be on the region between the pelvis and the neck.

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Tensegrity Spine Dissection

The Spine, this resilient, strong and robust structure is the focus of the 4th course of our dissection series. We will take you from superficial to deep, from skin to fascia, from superficial to deeper myogenic structures, and finally the spine it self.

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Shoulders and Arms Dissection

In this dissection course we will explore the myofascial tracks unique to Tom Myers Anatomy Trains, the arm lines. We will explore the arm lines from where they originate at the shoulder, this is also how they are named.

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Head, Neck, and Jaw Dissection

The final course of the dissection series based on the Structural Essentials courses will take us to the head, neck, and Jaw.

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