The Athletes Knee

 With Erik Witvrouw PhD

The Athletes Knee with Erik Witvrouw PhD

The Athletes Knee with Erik Witvrouw PhD

In “The Athletes Knee” with Professor Erik Witvrouw PhD, cutting edge knowledge will be shared which you can apply directly in practice. The most common knee complaints will be covered in this evidence based course.

The course contains a good mix of theory and practice, the most recent evidence will be presented as well as up to date assessment and treatment techniques. Erik will cover hands on as well as hands off treatment techniques for the knee. Outcome measures will be covered and connected to specific knee conditions and treatments.

Erik will cover a wide selection of test batteries and performance tests to assist in your return to sports decision making.

Items covered in the course:

  • Rehabilitation of the knee in athletes.

  • Assessment of knee complaints in athletes.

  • Assessment and treatment of athletes with patellofemoral pain syndrome (theory and practice).

  • Assessment and treatment of athletes with ACL injuries, theory and practice

  • Performance tests and return to sports/play criteria.

  • Assessment and treatment of hamstring injuries, time vs criteria based rehab and return to sports/play.

    After having completed the course:

  • You will have a complete update of the evidence based approach to different knee conditions, both conservative and post operative, and the prevention of these conditions.

  • You will have state of the art knowledge of injury mechanisms, assessment and treatment of the most common knee injuries:

    o Patellofemoral pain syndrome o Cartilage damage
    o ACL injuries
    o Hamstring injuries

    o Meniscus injuries

  • You will know how to perform a state of the art assessment of the knee for the above mentioned conditions and injuries.

  • You will know how to create evidence based treatment plans including hands-on, hands-off, and specific exercises for the above mentioned conditions and injuries.

  • You will be able to design a progressive and varied exercise scheme using excellent clinical reasoning.


05-12-2020 until 06-12-2020 ( 2 days )
day 1: 09.00 - 17.30 (05-12-2020)
day 2: 09.00 - 17.30 (06-12-2020)
€ 425,- pp valid until 25-10-2020
€ 475,- pp regular
Med&Motion Albisriederstr. 253 8047 Zürich, Switzerland
Language::  English

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