Fascial Fitness


Course Description

The Fascial Fitness course has exercises and practical suggestions within it, but Fascial Fitness is not a hands-on course like our Fascial Release for Structural Balance or Anatomy Trains short courses. This course covers the latest fascial research and applies that research into fitness training. Participants will learn about fascia, stretch, injury, recovery, & lots more. The focus is on fascial plasticity, hydration, histological responses, and techniques within training that will enhance fascial strength, resilience, and coordination.

Who is it for?

This course is useful for personal trainers, pilates instructors, athletic coaches, and other exercise professionals.

The concepts of Fascial Fitness

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The courses of Fascial Fitness

Fascial Fitness Foundation Course

Research shows that training the the fascial system is extremely important for improving performance and preventing injury. The fascial system is our most important sensory organ.

Info and Dates

Course concept description: Fascial Fitness

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