Motor Learning

with Alli Gokeler PhD


The core competence of the physiotherapist lies in the treatment of the moving person with functional disorders leading to activity and participation problems. A common goal is to regain motor skills or to achieve optimal results if full recovery is not possible. Increasingly, our expertise is also being asked to develop in a more preventative strategty, to promote and maintain maximum freedom of movement throughout life (source: WCPT). Therefore, the daily work of a physiotherapist consists for a large part of supporting a patient, in (re)learning motor skills.

Unfortunately, our current conventional methods do not always succeed.

PhD Alli Gokeler presents this new course series on Motoric Learning and it's use in both prevention and treatment of various conditions. This series has been developed in tight cooperation with Incitus.

The concepts of Motor Learning with Alli Gokeler PhD.

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The courses of Motor Learning with PhD Alli Gokeler

Module 1: Motor Learning Essentials

Are you curious about how to apply principles of motor learning in your daily practice?

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Module 2: Motor Learning - Prevention

Training concepts that are based on an external focus of attention, implicit learning, differential learning and contextual interference are discussed.

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Module 3: Motor Learning - Return to Sport

In various publications, return to sport is considered a continuum. We first have to take a step back to the moment of the injury before we actually start talking about RTS.

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Course concept description: Motor Learning with PhD Alli Gokeler

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