Module 1: Motor Learning Essentials

With Alli Gokeler, PhD

Module 1: Motor Learning Essentials


Picture this: despite intensive and repeated practice, your patient makes little or no progress. Sound familiar? This approach is based on the classic method in motor learning, the "grinding" of a movement. The physiotherapist - and the patient (!) - both benefit if they use multiple methods of motor learning to facilitate the optimal recovery of the patient. After all, no human being is equal and therefore one method will never work equally as well for all patients. If the physiotherapist can have a rich arsenal of learning principles, the chance of recovery of the patient is also greater. The purpose of this course is therefore to present new findings from the evidence base of motor learning.

Are you curious about how to apply principles of motor learning in your daily practice?

This 2-day basic course Motor Learning is designed to give you (practical) tools for assessing and treating people with musculoskeletal complaints. The most recent and relevant state-of-the-art evidence will be shared with you, which you utilize in addition to your current knowledge. This offers you the opportunity to strengthen your arsenal of assessment and treatment techniques.


At the end of the course:

  • You will have gained insight into the basic principles of motor learning
  • You will have learned about the technological means of measuring human movement
  • You can draw up a plan of action aimed at improving movement while taking into account the level and goals of the patient
  • You can apply the different principles of motor learning in your clinical setting
  • The main focus is on the OPTIMAL learning theory in which the motivation and focus of attention on motor learning is extensively discussed
  • You will have learned how to apply the suitable types of instruction and feedback


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