Module 2: Motor Learning - Prevention

With Alli Gokeler, PhD

Module 2: Motor Learning - Prevention


In 2013, 970,000 knee injuries and 680,000 ankle injuries were recorded amongst athletes in the Netherlands ( Very common, with far-reaching consequences, is the rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), which mainly occurs in young athletes. Only 55% of the athletes who have undergone ACL reconstruction are able to return to the level of exercise prior to the injury. Perhaps more worrying is the early development of osteoarthritis of the knee.

All in all, sufficient reasons to focus our attention on the prevention of sports injuries. Current prevention programs only work as long as the athletes continue to do their exercises. From a motor learning point of view - practice that leads to relatively permanent changes - it seems that the effects of current programs are ineffective in the long run.

Course Description

Alli Gokeler works as part of a dedicated research group through which it has been determined that the use of instructions with an external focus results in both a better performance and a more sustainable movement technique over the course of time (retention) when compared to an internal focus of attention. New insights also advocate for an implementation of aspects of motor learning such as reaction time, information processing, attention, visual-motor control and complex interaction between tasks.

In this 2-day course, various elements are presented based on new evidence from the field of motor learning. We will cover motion analysis to detect individual risk factors. Afterwards, we will work in a systematic way to develop an individualized exercise program. Training concepts that are based on an external focus of attention, implicit learning, differential learning and contextual interference are incorporated.


  • You have analyzed the scientific and clinical value of the screening tests
  • Motion analysis using modern technology (applicable for practice)
  • You are able to use the complex system approach as a basis for individual injury risk
  • Insight into the complex interaction of task-environment-athlete in relation to prevention
  • Theoretical and practical insights of implementation principles of motor learning in injury prevention


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