Lumbar Spine and Hip

MSI: Lumbar Spine and Hip


Sahrmann’s method is centred around the need for classification in the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal pain disorders. Sahrmann recognizes that “the use of categories for classification allows the use of diagnostic schemes for treatment programs, a method that paves the way for evidence based practice” (Sahrmann 2001).

The Concept

In this course, participants will gain insight, knowledge, and skills based on this classification in order to develop a structured approach to diagnosis and treatment of patients with movement system impairment syndromes (MSI). Participants will focus on the basic impairments of the musculoskeletal system, such as muscular strength and muscular length, which develop through repeated movements and sustained postures. Through this method, the root cause of the patient’s complaints is addressed, rather than treating the symptoms alone. Sahrmann’s methods follow a logical structure:

Participants will learn how to effectively utilize this structure in order to properly observe, identify, and treat impairments of the movement system.

Course Description

In this 3-day course, participants will gain insight into the concepts behind the comprehensive examination, diagnosis, and treatment of different movement system impairment syndromes. The course provides both theoretical and supervised practical instruction in the respective body regions.

Course Goals

Participants will be able to:

  • Discuss the basis of the movement system and movement system impairment syndromes (MSI) of the lumbar spine and hip.
  • Discuss the kinesiopathologic model.
  • Describe causal and contributing factors in MSI of the lumbar spine and hip.
  • Describe how to formulate a diagnosis and place a patient into the proper diagnostic category.
  • Describe the diagnostic categories for the lumbar spine and hip joint.
  • Describe and perform the standardized examination format for the lumbar spine and hip joint.
  • Describe the specific corrective exercises and their progressions for the lumbar spine and hip regions.
  • Prescribe suitable corrective exercises for the lumbar spine and hip regions.

Who is the course for?

The MSI course is suitable for physiotherapists, manual therapists, osteopaths, movement therapists, and personal trainers.


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