Alli Gokeler PhD

PhD Alli Gokeler

Area of expertise: Adopt knowledge from motor learning research that may improve the effectiveness of secondary prevention of ACL injury and outcome in terms of returning to pre-injury athletic levels. Future rehabilitation employing these principles to successfully target increased risk of second injury and reduce or delay the onset of osteoarthritis.


2005-present PhD student

University Medical Center Groningen, Center for Rehabilitation. University of Groningen, the Netherlands

2003-2005 Sports Physical Therapist HU University Applied Sciences, Utrecht, the Netherlands

1997-1999 Certified Instructor Orthopaedic Medicine and Manual Therapy

1986-1990 Bachelor Science Physical Therapy Hanze University Applied Sciences, Department of Physical Therapy, Groningen, the Netherlands


2001-present Owner and Senior Physical Therapist Medisch Centrum Zuid, Groningen, the Netherlands

2002-2004 Teaching Hanze University Applied Sciences, School for Physical Therapy, Groningen, the Netherlands


2005 First Price Gokeler A, Hof AL, Arnold MP, Dijkstra PU, Postema K. Best poster award. GOTS Society for Orthopaedic Traumatologic Sports Medicine. An electromyographic analysis of landing strategies after ACL reconstruction. Munich, Germany

2003 Second Price Benjaminse A, Gokeler A, Schans C van der. Student research award. Clinical Diagnosis of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Rupture. A Meta-Analysis. Royal Dutch Society for Physical Therapy, the Hague, the Netherlands

Courses by PhD Alli Gokeler

Chassé Dance Studios, Chasséstraat 64, 1057 JJ Amsterdam
Chassé Dance Studios, Chasséstraat 64, 1057 JJ Amsterdam
Chassé Dance Studios, 1057 JJ, Amsterdam

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