Carlo Buzzichelli

Carlo Buzzichelli

Carlo Buzzichelli, PhD candidate at the Superior Institute of Physical Culture and Sports of La Havana, is a professional strength & conditioning coach and the Director of the International Strength & Conditioning Institute.

Carlo is a direct pupil of Tudor Bompa with whom he co-authored the 3rd edition of “Periodization Training for Sports” and the 6th edition of “Periodization. Theory and Methodology of Training” (Human Kinetics), and coach extraordinaire Dan Pfaff, and is considered one of the best upcoming strength training experts.

He has held seminars and lectures at various universities and sport institutes worldwide, including the Superior Institute of Physical Education and Sports of Camaguey (Cuba), the University of Makati (Manila, Philippines), the State University of Milan (Italy), the University of Brescia (Italy), the Superior Institute of Physical Education and Sports of Ciego de Avila (Cuba), the Universidade Paulista, the Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras and the Olympic Center of Sao Paulo (Brasil), the Superior Institute of Physical Education and Sports of Pinar del Rio (Cuba), the Olympic Training Center of the Villa Panamericana (La Havana, Cuba), the Universidade Federal de Lavras (Brasil), the Elite Sports University (Colorado, USA) and the World Athletic Center (AZ, USA).

Carlo has been also an invited lecturer at the 2012 International Workshop on Strength & Conditioning of Trivandrum (India), and the 2015 Performance Training Summit of Beijing (China) organized by the Chinese Olympic Committee, and has been featured in the issue of the IAAF’s New Studies in Athletics dedicated to Recovery and Regeneration.

He is also co-author of the following books: Fitness for Soccer (the Netherlands), Project Strength (Italy) and The Sprinter’s Compendium (USA).

As a S&C coach for team sports, Carlo’s teams have conquered eight promotions plus a first and a second place in their respective league Cups with senior teams, and two Regional cups with junior teams; as a coach of individual sports Carlo partecipated to the World Track & Field Championship and to the Commonwealth Games, while his athletes have won twenty-three medals at national championships in four different sports (track & field, swimming, brazilian jiu-jitsu and powerlifting), setting eight national records (powerlifting, track & field), and four gold (Track & Field, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxe), four silvers and one bronze (track & field, brazilian jiu-jitsu) at international competitions. In 2015 alone, Carlo coached two Italian champions in two different sports (raw powerlifting -73Kg e 60m indoor M35). At the 2016 Rio Olympics there were eight athletes with whom Carlo has worked in the preceding months.

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