Muriel Morwitzer

Muriel Morwitzer


Proprietor, Managing Director, Education Manager, Lecturer

Some Qualifications

  • Certified Lecturer Contemporary Pilates
  • Certified Lecturer Slings Myofasziales Training®
  • Certified Lecturer Anatomy Trains in Motion®
  • Certificate IV in Matwork Contemporary Pilates & Teaching Methodology
  • Diploma in Matwork & Reformer Contemporary Pilates & Teaching Methodology
  • Certified Slings Myofascial Training® Practitioner
  • Diploma of Contemporary Dance, Laban Centre London
  • Physical Theatre Teacher and Choreographer, Ecole d‘ Humanite Switzerland
  • International Presenter at divers Movement Conferences & Congresses
  • Exercise Sports Science Australia (ESSA) presenter
  • Myofascial Fitness, Robert Schleip
  • Walking the Lines: Gait, Anatomy Trains & Fascial Efficiency, James Earls
  • Eyes Within Your Spine, Mary Bond

A glimpse into the life of...

Senior Educator and Managing Director of art of motion academy® Australia. Muriel, known to most as Mumu, has always been an enthusiastic mover. Her love for movement brought her from the Swiss Alps to London where she completed a Contemporary Dance Diploma at the Laban Centre. This is where she experienced first hand the great benefits of Pilates and developed a strong interest in holistic movement training and injury prevention, two topics very close to home.

Love brought her to Australia where Mumu’s enthusiasm and fervour to learn more was met with Karin’s inspiring teaching.

Meeting Karin opened a whole new world of possibilities and gave her a more contemporary science-based understanding of the body’s interconnectedness. art of motion’s holistic and up to date approach to functional exercise and exercise sequencing was refreshing for Mumu, and a memorable turning point in her life and career.

She was a senior lecturer for several years with art of motion before becoming the principle lecturer, team educator and Manager of the Australian office. This has kept Mumu on her toes as well as satisfied her eagerness to continue learning and share her passion for holistic movement.

Her journey continues; recently becoming a certified Anatomy Trains in Motion teacher and a certified lecturer for Slings Myofascial Training. She has enjoyed this journey greatly already and knows there is more to learn for evermore, which both inspires and excites her!

Travelling is in her nature. You can find her teaching and lecturing internationally in Switzerland, Europe, Singapore, Bali, and Australia-wide!

Courses by Muriel Morwitzer

Chassé Dance Studios, Chasséstraat 64, 1057 JJ Amsterdam

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