The Think Tank

LBP - Subgrouping, Best Tests and Treatments

Think Tank with Prof. Dr. Hannu Luomajoki

Info and Dates

The cause ACL Injury - A new hypothesis

Think Tank with PhD Tron Krosshaug

Info and Dates

Do you know how to prevent acute knee injuries?

Think Tank with Prof. Grethe Myklebust

Info and Dates

The Myth of Core Stability

Think Tank with PhD Eyal Lederman

Info and Dates

Groin Pain in Athletes - Combating Stigma

Think Tank with Dr. Adam Weir

Info and Dates

The Complexity Of Bees, Bicycles And Preventing Sports Injuries

Think Tank with PhD Nicol van Dyk

Info and Dates

Motor learning can improve your ACL injury prevention

Think Tank with PhD Alli Gokeler

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Think Tank with PhD Ben Clarsen

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Towards Evidence-Based Physiotherapy: Clinical Reasoning in Rehabilitation

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The Back Care Revolution: A Process Approach

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Introducing a new way of sharing information: by bringing in world-class experts to you, we want to stimulate interaction between health professionals who dare to think differently, step up, and give direction to drive our profession forward. Where does practice need to adapt to new science? And where does science need to catch up with practice?

3 days. 3 cities. 2 countries.

What is a Think Tank?

Each Think Tank will bring in experts from the absolute top of their field and have a unique subject. The Think Tanks will consist of 3 sections: pre-session, post-session and The Think Tank itself.


Videos | Articles | Discussion Forum | Case Study

The Think Tank:

Expert Presentations | Current Evidence | Discussions | Practical Applications | Case Solving | Practice vs. Science | Direction for Future Research


Discussion Forum | Exchange of Information | Video Review | Lecture Review | Access to Online Platform

As an Added Bonus:

There will also be an evening lecture on each of the 3 days and locations. Low price, low time investment and an opportunity to meet likeminded therapists, have a drink, network and a chat. Adding this lecture to your Think Tank is the ultimate way to wrap up the day.

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