Anatomy Trains 3 day Fresh Frozen Fascial Dissection Course

met Anatomy Inside Karl Jacobs

Anatomy Trains 3 day Fresh Frozen Fascial Dissection Course

In the dissection series we discovered the regional anatomy and its connections. Now it is time to put it all together.

For centuries we have dissected out anatomy, it is time to put it back together again. Just as much as dissection has helped us understand the human body better and thought us about the different structures, it has also led to a dissected thinking about the human body. If we cut the body into bits and pieces and we learn anatomy that way, it leads to an understanding of the body in the same manner. We must understand the body as a whole, and to do that we need to dissect it by looking at the connections and the interactions.

We will use only Fresh Frozen specimens for this three days dissection course. Students will be divided into groups and given the opportunity to dissect out one line.

Spots are limited, priority will be given to the ones having completed the dissection series.


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