Anatomy Trains Structural Essentials Dissection Series

Arches and Legs

Arches and Legs Dissection

In the Arches and Legs dissection course we will start unravelling the world of anatomy and look at what is under the surface. We will have a look at the structures making up the Anatomy Trains Lines as they meet and merge in the lower extremities.

From the plantar fascia we will take you up through the lower leg where we will have a look at the intersection between the superficial front line and superficial back line as they meet at septum of the Fibularis longus and brevis. Through the Superficial Back line we will have a closer look at the connection between the Gastrocnemius and Hamstrings and all the way up into the attachment of the Hamstrings into the sacrotuberous ligament and the tuber ischiadicum. We will also look at the septum between the hamstrings. On the front we will take you from the retinaculum of the ankle, through the crural sock of the lower leg, up into the quadriceps and its attachments to the pelvis.

Going even deeper we will have a look at the compartments of the lower leg as we explore the deep front line. Finally you will see how the Spiral line affects foot posture and how it borrows from the other lines.


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