Dynamic Resilience

An exclusive webinar with Tom Myers

Dynamic Resilience

This illustrated lecture will be delivered live over Zoom videoconferencing due to the unusual circumstances of the global pandemic.

Join fascial pioneer and Anatomy Trains author Tom Myers to explore the physiology of increasing resilience required by these "new times". This talk reviews new research in light of ancient wisdom from yogis and martial artists.

Recent research in the biology of resilience focuses on epigenetics and neural plasticity, but all tissues and systemns display resilient properties. Movement designed to condition the body’s fascial fabric promotes self-regulation. The breath is likewise a potent tool to down-regulate an anxious system, or uplift the depressed. Come play with real and practical tools for healthy ageing, facilitating injury repair and simply managing this new reality.

Rich or poor, young or old, we all have to live in our bodies. Conscious attention invested in the body – and this can take many mindful forms, not just the obvious one of exercise – will tickle the right genes and repay handsomely on all levels of being.


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