Jo Gibson: The Shoulder Steps to Success

Steps to Success Amsterdam

Jo Gibson: De Schouder Steps to Success

Docent: Jo Gibson

The Shoulder: Steps to Success Day 1.

08.45 Registration
09.00 Setting the scene – the current state of play

09.30 The Rotator Cuff & the Scapula: Partners in Crime?
Research versus reality & assessment dilemmas: Keeping it simple!

10.30 Coffee

10.45 The Rotator Cuff & the Scapula: Partners in Crime? Essentials of treatment- where to start.

12.30 Lunch

13.30 The Kinetic Chain and Dynamic Slings
Putting the shoulder in context: It’s all about ‘normal movement’

15.00 Coffee
15.15 The Stiff Shoulder

Frozen or not? Differential diagnosis, Muscle versus capsule versus bursa. 16.30 Finish

Day 2.

09.00 What did we do yesterday? A quick recap 09.30 Rotator Cuff Pathology: Tips and tricks

The Irritable shoulder – where to start? 10.30 Coffee

10.45 Rotator Cuff Pathology: Tips and tricks
The Non-irritable shoulder: Can we do better?
Strength versus movement. Shoulder exercises hurt? Increasing capacity.

11.30 Rotator Cuff Pathology: Tips and tricks Massive rotator cuff tears- What works?

12.45 Lunch

13.45 The often forgotten –other culprits/barriers to recovery
The role of the thoracic spine & ACJ in shoulder pathology & simple solutions!

14.30 Coffee

14.45 Getting it right from the start: Steps to Success

The power of language & communication. Enhancing exercise adherence.

Real- life: Case studies and putting it into practice. 16.00 Finish

€ 475,- pp geldig t/m 01-05-2021
€ 525,- pp reguliere
05-06-2021 tot 06-06-2021 ( 2 dagen )
dag 1: 09.00 - 17.30 (05-06-2021)
dag 2: 09.00 - 17.30 (06-06-2021)
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Taal:  Engels
15 min.
30 max.

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