Prevention of acute knee injuries – How to do it!

Think Tank met PhD Grethe Myklebust: Prevention of acute knee injuries – How to do it!

When working with athletes our main goal is to keep the athlete healthy, prevent injuries, treat injuries that occur and rehabilitate them as quickly and safely as possible. We also want to minimize the risk of future early knee osteoarthritis. Several studies have shown that it is possible to prevent acute knee injuries in team sports. However, there is limited knowledge about who are at increased risk for an injury. In relation to prevention of ACL injuries, it seems to be important to avoid knee valgus position. Several studies are looking for risk factors that can help us to pick out those at increased risk. The think tank will present the knowledge we have regarding screening of athletes and present what type of exercise programs can help to prevent injuries.


  • Knowing who are at risk for getting an ACL injury
  • Which programs/exercises works in prevention of acute knee injuries
  • How to prevent a reinjury


  • Actual evidence of acute knee injuries
  • Presentation of exercise programs for different sports
  • Practical examples
  • Theoretical and practical group assignments
  • Discussions