Subgrouping of Low Back Pain and the Role of Movement Control Impairment

With Prof. Dr. Hannu Luomajoki

Think Tank met Prof. Dr. Hannu Luomajoki: Subgrouping of Low Back Pain and the Role of Movement Control Impairment

Up to 90% of all Low Back Pain (LBP) in non-specific. That means there is no clear medical reason for the problem. Most of the people without pain have findings in X-rays or in Mri. So, also eg. discogenic findings are non specific. At the same time LBP is the most costly problem in the medical system. How should the patients be examined and treated? Instead of only structural examination, these patients should be classified functionally. One easy way of subgrouping patients with LBP is to classify them to specific or non specific. Then the non specific ones can be divided to mechanical or non mechanical. The mechanical ones can further be subclassified to movement impairment or movement control impairments. This system has been shown to be very reliable and the treatment according subgroup has been shown to be more effective than an individual manual therapy and exercises.

In this course the background theory of LBP will be presented in an clear and succinct manner. Then, the testing and examination for the movement control subgroup will be trained practically. The tests and treatments are all evidence based and rely therefore on scientific studies. This course helps the participants to be quicker and more effective in the examination and treatment of back pain patients.

The course instructor, Professor Hannu Luomajoki is originally from Finland but has been living and working since over 20 years in Switzerland. He has a PhD in this topic. He has published altogether more than 70 articles and has been speaker in more than 100 international and national congresses. He is known for his good humor and the ability of explaining complex problems in an understandable and practical way.


The participants

  • Know the current guidelines of LBP
  • Can execute and explain the subgroups of LBP
  • Are able to subclassify the patient in a subgroup
  • Execute the tests which are necessary for the movement control subgroup


  • Actual evidence of LBP and subclassification
  • The best and easiest tests in patients with LBP
  • Active exercises for the clinic and for home


16-03-2018 - 16-03-2018
Groningen, The Netherlands
17-03-2018 - 17-03-2018
Chassé Dance Studios, Chasséstraat 64, 1057 JJ Amsterdam