The Back Care Revolution

A Process Approach

The Back Care Revolution: A Process Approach

A highly practical workshop exploring the management of a wide range of acute and chronic low back pain, including disc related condition, nerve root irritation post-surgery management and more. There will a discussion of current research findings and how they can be integrated into a manual/physical therapy practice to manage various spinal presentations.

During the workshop participants will be introduced to a Process Approach in manual therapy. In this approach the management provides supports for the processes associated with functional recovery; in particular, repair and adaptive processes associated with spinal tissue healing and motor recovery and the processes associated with the alleviation of pain/sensitisation. The participants will be introduced to a new model for understaning spinal pain and stiffness (PIFF) and how to manage these presentations effectively.

There will be also a discussion about the shortcomings of the structural/biomechanical model for explaining the causes and treatment of spinal conditions.
In the practical sessions the participants will be able to explore their own manual approaches and how they can be specifically applied for effective management. They will learn new manual approaches for treating the spine that would allow them to expand their scope of practice. The workshop will also address self-care management for the patient. The participants will be introduced to Functioncise, a practical movement approach in which normal daily activities are amplified to provide the challenges necessary for recovery.

  • Find out about the 5 pain-stiffness (PIFF) back conditions and how to manage them
  • Most musculoskeletal conditions recover by three processes – find out what they are and how they can be supported
  • Explore the therapeutic limitations of the posture/structural/biomechanical model
  • Learn about functioncise - remedial back exercise without exercise?


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