What drives Incitus?

Incitus was founded in 2008 and originated from passion for the human body, education and sharing knowledge. The underlying commonality for all our courses is that they look at the human body as a whole. With this vision as a starting point, we organize continued education courses, workshops, conferences, lectures and master classes with top international names. We are always looking for the latest, most innovative and groundbreaking concepts that share our vision on how we as professionals can assess and treat patients.

What do we do?

Incitus offers unique courses, webinars, online courses both live and on demand, and congresses for professionals who want to distinguish themself from the rest and who dares to think differently. Our teachers are nationally and internationally recognized and represent the absolute top of their fields.

Who is behind Incitus?

Benoit Knutsen MSc is the founder and owner of Incitus. He is the proud father of three boys and lives with his family in Groningen, the Netherlands. Coming from a background in Sports Science, he completed his Bachelor degree in Physiotherapy, and holds a Master of Science in Manual Therapy.

He has been teaching at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences, School of Physiotherapy since 2009. As a physiotherapists and manual therapists he has been working with several elite athletes in different sports, amongst others ice skating, football, sports aerobic, and professional dance.

Stay curious, keep exploring.

"The holistic approach to physiotherapy not only has a major impact on the physiotherapists during the courses but also in practice on their clients. Determining the root cause instead of simply treating the symptoms of physical pain, offers solutions for the long term. That is an eye-opener. The methods learned during the courses change therapists into game changers.
We want to create a community of innovative therapists who dare to think differently. A group of therapists who spread the holistic way of thinking in their environment and ultimately change the way of thinking in health care."
- Benoit Knutsen, Physical therapist / Manual therapist / Entrepreneur, Incitus
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