Complaints procedure Incitus®

As we desire to continually apply quality control and quality insurance, Incitus® has a complaints procedure for the treatment of external complaints. At Incitus® the following regulations apply:

Section 1. Definitions

1. Complaint. In these regulations a complaint is defined as: a manifestation of (severe) dissatisfaction of a person or legal person about the conduct and/or statements and/or treatment of (an employee of) Incitus®.

Section 2. Conditions

2.1 Each student has the right to lodge a complaint after following a course or training at Incitus®.

2.2 The complaint may be addressed at Incitus® verbally or in writing. The receipt of a written complaint will be confirmed in writing within 5 working days.

2.3 All parties concerned are to observe secrecy regarding data and information.

Section 3. No obligation to handle complaints

3.1 The complaint need not be considered if:

a. A complaint has already been or is being handled by another organisation;

b. The matter about which the complaint is lodged has taken place more than 3 months before the complaint is filed;

c. It concerns a matter against which the submitter can lodge a complaint with the organisation that has hired Incitus®. If this is the case, the board will forward it to the responsible organisation;

d. The complaint is anonymous.

3.2 If Incitus® decides not to take a complaint into consideration, the submitter and/or employer will be notified as soon as possible but no later than 10 days after the receipt of the complaint.

Section 4. The procedure

4.1 Incitus®:

a. Shall settle the complaint within 20 working days of receipt of the complaint;

b. May postpone the handling of a complaint for a maximum of 10 days. The submitter of the complaint will receive a written notification to this account;

c. The judgment of the professional association will have a binding effect upon Incitus®; the consequences will be settled quickly by Incitus®.

Section 5. Members complaints committee

5.1The complaints committee consists of Benoit Knutsen and Jedidja de Vroome. The independent third party is Mr. M. Brouwer

Section 6. Records

6.1 The complaint and the method of handling the complaint will be included in the student records. These records shall be saved for 5 years.

Drawn up and approved in Groningen on July 15th, 2021

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