Physio Bikefit Festival: Bodywork Workshop

It’s not just the bike – what about the body?

3 hours of functional anatomy, body assessment, treatment and performance rehabilitation specific to the cyclist


Dr Paul Visentini (FACP) is a Specialist Sports physiotherapist with more than 30 years experience in the assessment and management of athletic injury. He has a passion and expertise for overuse injury and the behaviour of the tissues involved, along with the reasoning and analysis of athletic pain and injury. Cyclists at all levels suffer a significant level of tissue pain with the true prevalence likely underestimated due to a culture of ‘suffering and pain’ which exists in cycling.


At Physio Bikefit setting up the bike and equipment is seen as a hurdle requirement – to find the best position for the cyclist within a range for the individual ‘today’. For many the ability of the body can be optimised in improving performance and managing pain and injury – importantly it is not the bike position that causes pain but the influence of the bike and associated equipment on the biomechanics of the body! Hence the body is important!


The Physio Bikefit ‘Bodywork’ workshop will explore the cycling body covering theory of functional anatomy and tissue science, and how these tissues respond to load. Specific injuries unique to the cyclist will be discussed. Hands-on assessment and treatment of key areas will be demonstrated such as hip range-of-movement optimisation and upper limb neural restrictions. Perfect for the inexperienced bikefitter looking to explore and understand the cycling body, and the more experienced therapist interested in a higher level of understanding.

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  • 10:00 - 13:00: Start workshop


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