Physio Bikefit Festival Girona: Mechanic Workshop

The Physio Bikefitter is not a mechanic – but small changes to the bike are a part of Physio Bikefit practice. Learn key principles from an experienced mechanic about working on a road bike

·      Communication between the Mechanic & Bikefitter

·      Safety in set-up on trainer - what to check and look out for

·      Seat posts – length, tightening technology, torque

·      Seats & seat clamps.

·      Stems & spacers at the head stem

·      Brake hoods movement, shape

·      Pedal & cleat tightness

For Physio Bikefitters looking to upskill around the basics of bike adjustments.

We will be hosted by TREK store Girona – come join us in this wonderful intimate environment.

Course planning

  • 14:30 - 17:30: Mechanic Workshop


There are no courses planned at the moment.
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