Webinar Dr. Jan Wilke: Tackle the cause, not the symptom: understanding myofascial chains in sports and therapy

In contrast to most anatomy text book descriptions, fascia has been shown to connect the skeletal muscles. The body-wide network of structural continuity serves as a mechanical force transmission system, meaning that muscles do not represent independent actuators. This has major implications for health and fitness professionals. The lecture provides participants with both, basic knowledge and worked clinical examples on the relevance of myofascial chains during exercise and movement.

Jan Wilke leads the “Fascia in Motion” research group at Frankfurt University, Germany. He is a member of the American College of Sports Medicine, and has been invited as a Visiting Fellow by Amsterdam University (the Netherlands) and Liverpool University (the UK). His chapter on Myofascial Chains, published in Gray’s Anatomy, represents one of the first anatomical atlas contributions explicitly focusing on fascia and movement. In addition to his academic tasks, Wilke is a conditioning coach and has worked with high-level

athletes, including the former world No. 1 tennis player, Angelique Kerber

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