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Webinar Dr. Tron Krosshaug: So you want to be a strength training expert? Then biomechanics is a key

A good understanding of how various exercises and techniques loads the musculoskeletal system requires biomechanical understanding. This lecture will give you a thorough, yet simple and intuitive, introduction to biomechanical analyzes of strength training exercises. The exercises and their associated biomechanics will be visualized with our ground-breaking 3D animations.


Learning goals of the webinar

- The basic principles of biomechanical analysis – a simple procedure

- Analyses of basic and “advanced”/specialised exercises

- Technique variations

- How anthropometry affects biomechanics and muscle load

- Load profiles and optimisation relevant for performance, prevention and rehab

- "Myth busting". A critical look at research and common assumptions about strength exercises


- We can also discuss topics related to exercises that you are interested in. Feel free to send questions/topics in advance (tronk@nih.no), or ask the questions in the chat during the lecture


The webinar is accredited for PQK and Kwaliteitshuis Fysiotherapie (KRF-NL en Keurmerk).

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Professor Tron Krosshaug PhD
Professor Tron Krosshaug PhD
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