Many shoulder complaints are related to dysfunction of the rotator cuff (RC). Besides traumatic and degenerative RC tears, patients with rotator cuff related shoulder pain often exhibit a tendinopathy to one or more RC tendons. These pathologic changes are assumed to be the result of in appropriate load (underload or overload) on the RC. The purpose of this webinar is:

1) to discuss the labelling of shoulder pain, suggesting to use the label “subacromial pain syndrome”, rather than the traditional “impingement” label,

2) to deepen the knowledge on the patho-mechanism of RC tendinopathy, described as a continuum from a reactive towards a degenerative tendinopathy,

3) to provide background for the current treatment strategy for RC tendinopathy, including specific examples of exercises, and

4) to critically discuss the effectiveness of exercise therapy for patients with tendinopathy.

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