Applied Movement Neurology

Neuro-Skeletal Certification

As a world leader in neuroscience as it relates to human movement, pain, and dysfunction, the Academy of Applied Movement Neurology has created a cutting-edge course to help you get your clients and patients the relief and enhanced performance they desire. Through this unique and incredibly effective certification course, you will discover how to apply functional neurological techniques to rapidly identify and resolve your clients’ mobility issues.

Our neuro-skeletal screen is ideal for Chiropractors, Osteopaths, high level personal trainers, and other professionals helping clients in a one-on-one setting with performance enhancement, pain management, injury rehabilitation, and movement coaching. Whether you are a yoga instructor, personal trainer, chiropractor, osteopath, or a physical therapist, you will love how this technique helps you boost your success and expertise in the industry while keeping your clients happier than ever!

Neuro-Skeletal Certification

Get access to the most current research in Neuroscience regarding Movement, Pain and Dysfunction. The AMN Neuro-Skeletal Certification goes deeper than a standard Movement Screen.

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