02 March 2024 (1 day)

  • 02-03-2024: 09:00 - 17:30


  • De Roos
  • Owen Lewis
  • English
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Born to Move: Functional Links - Lower Limbs

From Born to Move’s highly regarded Functional Assessment course, comes a series of special one-day events to introduce you to these clinically relevant practical skills.

Assess the whole. Find the cause. Predict the outcome.

The consensus from the evidence is clear, impairments from elsewhere of the body may contribute to the reported symptoms. And key to this is they don’t have to be adjacent. As a result of this interconnected certainty, we often don’t know where to start. 

This course shows you how to remove the guesswork and consistently identify the cause(s) of symptoms presented by your client. 

Together we explore using examples you will readily recognise from your own clinical practice to demonstrate Born to Move’s underlying principles of working alongside each individual.

Discover the coupled inter-relationships of foot, knee and hip during this one day workshop. Educate your hands to understand and explore real-world movement. Realise how the foot can be the butterfly to cause the tsunami of symptoms in the shoulder or cranium. 

Learn a logical method to become able to predict outcomes of interventions prior to intervening. Realise the treatment implications of knowing when the foot is affecting the hip, versus when the hip is affecting the foot.

This course is supported by research and clinical experience. It will gives you a four dimensional appreciation of functional anatomy. A truly enjoyable and fascinating day of practical hands on assessment, treatment and training.

Learning objectives:

  • Find the cause(s) of symptoms 
  • Describe posture and movement with a non-judgemental descriptive language
  • Ask better questions
  • Use outcome prediction to avoid abreactions to treatment
  • Learn to use the biomechanics of the foot, knee and hip

Course planning

  • 08:30 - 09:00: Registration with coffee and tea
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