In this 3 day course you will learn specific strategies and fascial techniques for successfully dealing with the chronic aches and pains associated with our sitting-based, digital culture. It will further provide reliable, anatomical relationship-based perspectives on chronic low back, neck pain, and related radiculopathies of the arm and hand. 

This class will give the student new assessment and clinical skills for alleviating chronic pain in the low back region through specific fascial releases and by understanding fascial, rather than musculoskeletal, anatomy. The importance of pelvic orientation in low back pain and the lower leg and adductors contribution to this will be emphasized.

You will be shown very specific active fascial and fascial plane techniques that will help get your clients not just immediate relief, but put them on the road to lasting results. This will also include simple, effective “homework” for them to maintain their results. One of the keys to all of this will be developing patho-anatomical, or postural analysis to better target the problem areas and well as more distal areas that contribute to the pain patterns we will be studying. Special considerations for pre-existing spinal conditions like herniated discs and spinal fusions will also be covered.

As this approach require both the postural evaluation of each student, as well as frequent changes of position (like sidling and sitting back work) we ask that you dress appropriately. Shorts, comfortable underwear, or 2 piece swimsuits are fine. Please avoid racer back sports bras, camisoles are also okay.

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