Physio Bikefit Festival: The Masterclass Symposium

1 day 8 lectures 1 panel workshop



Functional anatomy of the cycling body – how important is “technique”

Bikefit by Triangles – The body’s centre of gravity on the bike



The anatomy & management of the cyclist’s saddle area

Categorising cycling saddles – cut out, nose width, saddle width, the ‘tumblehome’



How to fit a Pro rider

Technology – what is valid & reliable and why

The equipment overview – the latest in saddles, chainrings, grips and lubes



Come and join some of the world’s best Bikefit researchers – together in-person on 1 day

#Further speakers and topics announced over time


Sports Scientist


Dr Borut Fonda is a former mountain biker in the Olympic discipline cross country and a world renowned cycling biomechanics and bikefit researcher. After ending his career as a cyclist he started working as a cycling coach and consultant for body position optimisation. He completed his undergraduate study in Sports Conditioning at the Faculty of Sport, University of Ljubljana, a Masters in Exercise Physiology at the University of Primorska, and a PhD at the University of Birmingham, with the research focus in biomechanics, motor control and ergonomics during cycling.

His overall aim is to design modern guidelines and a measurement protocol for bike fitting for individuals with different objectives and needs.

Borut is head of the Fonda sports performance and lead scientist at Absolute black. He has been involved in the design and production of many bikefit and cycling performance products including the multi-awarded patent for an adjustable seat post. He has many scientific and professional publications to his name, in the areas of motor control, biomechanics, recovery and ergonomics. He regularly consults with professional cyclists and coaches worldwide.


Sports Scientist


Dr Nuno Gama has a doctorate (PhD) in Neurosciences with 2 honours degrees (1st class) in Sports Science and Engineering, and a Masters in Cognitive Neuroscience. He is the founder of the laboratory for advanced biomechanics, ORBIS Lab, previously located in the UK and now re-located back home to Portugal, to the picturesque Village of Cascais the location of the Portuguese IRONMAN triathlon. He is an expert in Bikefit and Biomechanics and in both animal and human electrophysiology. 

Dr Nuno Gama has a wealth of experience supporting numerous Olympic and professional athletes, age groupers and recreational riders. He teaches biomechanics and fluid mechanics to coaches of the ITU (now World triathlon) is a published scientific author and actively conducts research studies in cycling biomechanics in an attempt to advance knowledge and clinical practice. 

“Dr Nuno” rides a Fuji SL 1.1 which is curiously known to be a climbers’ bike (frame weight 740 g), however has a 120 mm head tube length. He is open, approachable, helpful and a dog lover.

Dr Paul Visentini FACP




Paul Visentini is a Specialist Sports Physiotherapist, with his awarded sub-speciality in the area of lower limb tendinopathy. He completed post graduate studies in Manipulative Physiotherapy in 1994, and designed the VISA Score, a widely used functional outcome measure for Patellar Tendinopathy. He works as a clinician at Physiosports Brighton in Melbourne, Australia.

Paul is an International Bike Fitting Institute Level 4 Bikefitter. He has been involved in Cycling Injury Management at both elite and recreational level, having consulted to the Australian Institute of Sport in Varese, Italy, as well as working with leading NRS teams in Australia: Inform Cycling and Drapac EF. 

He is completing his Doctorate in Physiotherapy at LaTrobe University, investigating Overuse injuries in cycling. He recently published Factors associated with overuse injury in cyclists: A systematic review and previously has published Overuse Injuries in Cycling in the Aspetar Sports Medicine Journal. 

Paul has a passion for bikefit and cycling injury management, the evidence base involved, and the clinical reasoning process required to achieve the best results.

The ‘Physiosports PhysioBikefit’ course is a platform for the education of Cycling Injury Practitioners and Physio Bikefitters. Presented by Paul and other leaders in the cycling biomechanics and bikefit industry, ‘Physiosports PhysioBikefit’ has now been presented by Paul in both Australia and internationally since 2013. Level 1 is now available on-line. Level 2 is presented in-person in Melbourne, Amsterdam and Girona in 2023.

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