I am a physiotherapist, writer, internationally acclaimed lecturer, teacher, and personal trainer. I have a unique blend of knowledge about pain research, neuroscience, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, evidence-based medicine, science and critical thinking. I have worked over a decade full-time in the health industry, as both a manager and as a exercise and rehab specialist at corporate level. I have specialized myself in training of clients with injuries and/or chronic pain.

My background story is that after attending a course on the topic of neuroscience and pain research, I start reading articles and textbooks on pain and neuroscience, after that I began to read scientific research and reviews from international experts and pain researchers like Moseley, Melzack, Wall, O’Sullivan, Hodges, Deyo, Boden, Boos, Zusman, Arendt-Nielsen, Maher, Kamper, Loeser, Puentedura and Louw. After 2 years of reading scientific papers, while working with clients as a personal trainer, I began to share my experiences of modern pain research and science.

In my work of spreading information on modern pain research, I have gained a lot of international recognition, and my articles have been shared on a global level. Most reconsideration I have received for my two articles on pain research done by Dr. Lorimer Moseley’s, and Dr. Adriaan Louw’s, and my first international article “Why Most People Are Wrong About Injuries and Pain”  has been shared more than 13,000 times on social media (Facebook).

My Curriculum Vitae

2018 – now, Physiotherapist (full-time) in government rehabilitation at Region Skåne

2016 – now, Science-writer at SimpliFaster. A website focused on Strength & Conditioning, and Track and field.

2015 – now, International lecturer at Paincloud (paincloud.com), with competence on topics like pain science, clinical reasoning, evidence-based pain management, the scientific method and critical thinking. Guest lecturer for Trust Me I’m a Physiotherapist, Emory & Henry College’s Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program, Trust Me-ED, The Association of Danish Physiotherapists (Region South Denmark), University of Malta (Mater Dei Hospital, Ministry of Health), University College Absalon, Metropolitan University College (Bachelor Degree in Physiotherapy program) and many more.

2016 – 2017, Chief Science Officer (C.S.O.), and Chief Concept Developer at Nordic Health Institute (NHI). Nordic Health Institute creates solutions for health insurances and businesses.

2014 – now, Teacher and co-founder of Smertespecialisterne (PainSpecialists) along with physiotherapist Simon R. Kirkegaard. Teaching several courses in modern pain science for health professionals, educated more that 100 health professionals since 2014.

2014 – 2018, Educated as a Physiotherapist (with a bachelor degree) at Professionshøjskolen Metropol, in Copenhagen, Denmark.

2010 – 2014, Worked as a personal trainer (in Sweden) with my own company, focusing on evidence-based personal training, specializing in training clients with injuries and/or chronic pain.

2011 – 2013, Z-Health R-Phase and I-Phase course. A course focusing on neurology, neuroscience and pain research. Course in how the nervous system functions, including Gate control theory, and the pain neuromatrix theory.

2008 – 2010, Employed in the fitness dk exercise committee, which is responsible for development and quality control at a Corporate level ensuring that development is done in the most profitable way.

2007 -2010, Employed as manager in charge of 45 part-time employees in the gym chain (fitness dk) including personal trainers, group-instructors and fitness-instructors.

2006 – 2008, Certified as Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor.


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