Dr Tim Gabbett has 25 years experience working as an applied sport scientist with athletes and coaches from a wide range of sports.

From progressively overloading rehabilitation and training programs, ensuring athletes’ skills are maintained under pressure and fatigue, and preparing athletes for the most demanding passages of play, Tim’s research and training programs are practical, coach-friendly, and applicable to anyone with a desire to be the best. Tim’s common-sense approach to high performance, and his ability to communicate scientific principles simply to coaches and athletes, sets him apart from many other practitioners in the field. He continues to be in demand as a sport science consultant and advisor for several professional teams around the world.

Tim has substantial practical experience accumulated over his 25 year career. Tim’s experience is multi-disciplinary but has one central theme: high performance.

Dr Tim Gabbett holds a PhD in Human Physiology and has completed a second PhD in Applied Sport Science, with special reference to physical demands, injury prevention, and skill acquisition. 

Tim has published over 200 scientific articles that have direct application to high performance sport. His consultancy extends across a wide range of sports, including: Football (Soccer), Basketball, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Handball, Australian Football, and Cricket. His expertise includes using training information to predict ‘preventable’ injuries, skill acquisition, game-specific training, and analysing the physical demands of match-play.


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