Mike (MCSP SRP MSc Cert (Clin Ed) is a physiotherapist, researcher and visiting university lecturer with over twenty years experience of helping people to overcome pain. Mike is a dedicated practice-based educator who is passionate about providing evidence-based education to a wide variety of health professionals. He teaches across elite sports, and is an advisor on pain management to the International Olympic Committee. Mike has a Masters degree in Education and is planning a PhD focusing on pain and communication. His published work has received international praise from the leading names in neuroscience.



Know Pain with Mike Stewart

Mike Stewart MSc
25 - 26 Nov 2023
24 points (Pro-Q-Kine)
15 points (Kwaliteitshuis Fysiotherapie Vakinhoudelijk algemeen)
15 points (Kwaliteitshuis Fysiotherapie Manueelfysiotherapie)
30 points (Pro-Q-Kine Manuele therapie)
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