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Dr. Morten Høgh: Neuroscience-based pain management

In this talk, ass.prof. Morten Hoegh (PhD) will provide an outline of how neuroscience may inform the management pain while also pointing to the limitations of this approach.

The webinar will focus on the following topics: 

- Nociception, inflammation and tissue injuries

- Sensitization and descending modulation

- Placebo and nocebo effects

- The therapeutic alliance

- The patient-expert

After qualifying as a clinical physiotherapist (1999) and completing several clinical exams, Morten was granted the title of specialist physiotherapist in musculoskeletal physiotherapy (2005) and sports physiotherapy (2006). But it was not until 2010-12 he made an entry to academia when he joined the multidisciplinary Master-of-Science in Pain: Science & Society at King's College London (UK).

From 2015-19 Morten did his PhD in Medicine/pain at Center for Neuroplasticity and Pain (CNAP), Aalborg University. He is now an assistant professor.

Having spent more than a decade as

clinician, teacher and business developer he

decided to focus on improving national and

international pain education based on the

International Association for the Study of

Pain (IASP).

Morten was vice-chair of the master any skill” European Pain Federation’s Educational

Committee from 2018-20 and has been

involved in the development of the Diploma in Pain Physiotherapy and underlying curriculum, as well as the curricula in nursing and psychology. At a national level Morten has been appointed to several chairs and committees including the Danish Medicine and Health Authorities and the Danish Council of Ethics.

He has co-authored a textbook on pain, and written several book chapters, clinical commentaries and peer-reviewed basic science articles on pain and pain modulation. Morten’s first book on pain in layman’s terms will be published in January 2021.

Morten is regarded as a skilled and inspiring speaker and he has been invited to present in Europe and on the american continent. He is also a prolific debater and advocate of evidence-based and patient-centered approaches to treatment in general. Morten is motivated by his desire to improve management of chronic pain, reduce stigmatisation of people with ‘invisible diseases’ and to bridge the gap between clinical practice and neuroscience research in relation to pain. 


2 hours

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