Professor Hannu Luomajoki graduated as a physiotherapist in Finland 1986. He is professor for msk Physiotherapy in the Zürich University of Applied Sciences of Zürich (ZHAW) since 2011. He has published about 80 papers peer reviewed and invited articles, 5 books. He is head of the msk master PT program and is teaching several topics this area of physiotherapy (msk). He won the researcher of year price in Switzerland 2008 and was physiotherapist of the year in Finland 2015 and 2018 he became the golden award for clinical physiotherapy from the finnish physiotherapy association.

Hannu has lived and worked in Germany, Australia and Switzerland. His current job is head of msk masters programme in ZHAW Switzerland. He is working in several research projects and supervising PhD and Msc thesis but works also part time in physiotherapy practice. His main research and areas of interest are: movement control impairments, pain science, msk and low back pain and clinical msk physiotherapy. In free time he is sportive with running, skiing, biking and he plays golf.


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