Laura is a pain-specialized and psychologically-informed physiotherapist working in the Netherlands. She completed her training in the United Kingdom and worked at one of the British national pain departments in London before moving to Amsterdam with her children.

Laura divides her time between clinical work with people experiencing complex chronic pain, training therapists in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, multidisciplinary clinical coaching for pain specialists, and teaching healthcare professionals about pain.

She is a co-founder of Pain Geeks, an international reading community that supports clinicians in reading science, philosophy, and humanities to better understand pain. She hosts a small podcast called Philosophers Chatting With Clinicians and serves as the communication officer for the LGBTQIA network of the UK Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.

Laura is fascinated by the experience of pain and is committed to exploring all possible avenues to help people live well with pain and reduce pain symptoms as much as possible.


Graded motor imagery from NOI Group

Graded Motor Imagery

Laura Rathbone
08 - 09 Feb 2025
€525,00 €475,00
Avail. until 06 Jan 2025
In request (Kwaliteitshuis Fysiotherapie Vakinhoudelijk algemeen)
In request (Kwaliteitshuis Fysiotherapie Sportfysiotherapie)
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