30 November 2023 (2 days)

  • 30-11-2023: 09:00 - 17:30
  • 01-12-2023: 09:00 - 17:30


  • De Roos
  • Robert Schleip PhD
  • English
  • 15 points (Stichting Keurmerk Fysiotherapie)
    15 points (Kwaliteitshuis Fysiotherapie Vakinhoudelijk algemeen)

Fascinating Fascia

Research update and clinical applications for working with scars, adhesions and tissue stiffness


Workshop for Hands-on Therapists with Dr. Robert Schleip



Fascia forms a body-wide interconnected network of fibrous collagenous connective tissues. This network envelops and connects all organs, muscles, nerves and vessels. While being largely neglected in the past, the fascial web recently gained new scientific attention based on new measurement technologies. New research findings suggest that fascial tissues significantly influence muscular force transmission; they also form the basis of our perception of our own body (proprioception) as well as of many myofascial pain syndromes.


This workshop begins with an update on new insights regarding the biomechanical functions of the body-wide fascial network. This background will then be applied to a new understanding for treating fascial dysfunctions such as chronic scars, fibrotic adhesions and other expressions of tissue stiffness.


Approximately 50% of the workshop will focus on a multitude of practical and very detailed hands-on instructions for working with different types of fibrotic myofascial dysfunctions. These will include manual working approaches as well as tool-assisted techniques.



Theoretical part


§ Stiffness modulation in healthy fascial tissues

§ Wound regulation: recent insights on chronic dysfunctions

§ Different types of cross-links affecting tissue stiffness and adherence

§ Fibrosis versus densification

§ Fibroblast mechanosensation and fluid shear

§ Biochemical and nutritional aspects

§ Assessment of degrees of adhesion and stiffness


Practical applications


§ Techniques to enhance tissue metabolism and hydration

§ Sponge-pressure techniques

§ Manual traction approaches

§ Enhancing shear-motion mobility between layers

§ Introduction into manual tools for fibrosis release

§ Self-help techniques for the patients.

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Robert Schleip PhD
Robert Schleip PhD
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