Asaf (Klaf) Weisman is a physiotherapist with two decades of clinical experience in orthopedic/musculoskeletal rehabilitation. Currently, he is a Ph.D. student and also the lab manager of the Spinal Research Laboratory at Tel-Aviv University’s “Sackler School of Medicine” in Israel, where his studies revolve around pain, chronic pain, and spinal health.

Over the last eight years, he has been an active researcher, contributing to peer-reviewed scientific journals with his findings. His enduring fascination with pain, has prompted him to spend 20 years engrossed in the professional literature on the subject.

His previous career as a magician also grants him unique perspectives on clinical research and an understanding of psychological biases inherent in clinical practice. His research interests include pain, chronic pain, spinal biomechanics and morphometry, and the philosophy of science.


Asaf Weisman pain science
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Webinar Asaf Weisman PhD Candidate: The language and logic of pain

Asaf Weisman
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