The breath is an essential food for life and its passage in and out of the body can be compromised by structural issues in the trunk. The trunk must also act to support the shoulders as well as the neck and head. Its position and relationship with the pelvis can therefore be vital for correct mechanics of the upper limbs and head, neck and jaw issues.

This course focuses on ribcage and its relationship with the pelvis to provide a secure anchoring point for the neck and shoulders and thoracic spine mechanics.


1. The anatomy and physiology of breathing

2. Different therapeutic views on 'normal' breathing

3. Techniques for abdominal fascia, ribs, costovertebral joints, mediastinal visceral tissues, m. Scalene and the lumbar muscles

4. Techniques for facilitating breathing in every quadrant of the rib cage

5. Investigate and treat the reciprocal relationships between the diaphragm and the pelvic floor

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